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wear-plates-ceramic-aluminaCalyco are suppliers of Wear Plate System products offer resistance to abrasion and protection. Wear Plate Systems such as Wear Resistant Alumina Ceramic Tiles and Rubber Backed Ceramic Wear Plates are among the many Wear Resistant Products our industry and mining equipment supplies company specialise.

With the advancement of wear protection and abrasion resistance technology it is now critically vital to minimise maintenance downtimes by effectively utilising superior wear products that are longer wearing and cost effective, whilst still improving safety aspects by reducing hazards and associated risks.

Why Ceramic Wear Plates?

Wear is a complex phenomena made up of several mechanisms

vertical-impact-wear horizontal-abrasion-wear rolling-wear

Vertical Impact (10 to 90 degrees)

Horizontal Abrasion (0-10 degrees)

Rolling – Combination of above

Wear is erosion or sideways displacement of material from its position on a solid surface performed by the action of another surface through vertical impact, horizontal abrasion or rolling. Abrasive wear occurs when a hard rough surface slides across a softer surface. Wear resistant linings and materials must be capable of handling these different mechanisms.

Ceramic Wear Plate Alumina Ceramic Tile Systems.


Wear resistant ceramic tile Wear Plate Systems are a modular solution where ceramic tiles manufactured from high wear resistant alumina have been moulded into a polyurethane elastomer matrix by chemical bonding. The design ensures the tiles are locked into the system, preventing movement even in the most aggressive applications.

Ceramic Wear Plate Systems (Rubber backed)


As well as Calyco ceramic/polyurethane wear plates, Calyco also supply a wide rage of rubber-backed ceramics that come in a variety of standard sizes and thicknesses. Further to this any, shape of ceramic block can be used i.e. hexagonal, square and cylindrical. The rubber backed ceramic plates can also be custom made to suit required designs.

Apart from the advantages of extended wear rates and the cost effectiveness of using Calyco Ceramic Wear Plates, there are other bonuses…

  • Zero porosity
  • Isostatically moulded
  • Australian manufactured
  • Rapid delivery time
  • Lightweight to handle
  • Noise reduction
  • Polyurethane elastomer
  • Unique locking mechanism
  • Any size or design available on request.

Occupational Health & Safety Issues

For many years it has been well known within the mining industry that manual handling and installation of wear materials has been a contributing factor to the injury of many workers. Sprains, strains and major soft tissue injuries are well documented, though application of minor changes would have rectified many associated risks and hazards.

Manual Handling

Categories of manual handling:

  • Lifting, Carrying or Putting down
  • Pushing, Pulling, Throwing or Restraining
  • Awkward postures (bending, twisting)
  • Repetitive movements.

Common hand injuries:

Caught between

  • (crush, pinch points)
  • Struck by (hand tools, ejected parts).Come into contact with:
  • (sharp tools & edges, hot surfaces).

A critical aspect of using conventional wear materials is chute design, where inherent hazards and risks are encountered.

  • Confined space
  • Limited movement
  • Poor ventilation
  • Slips and falls
  • Fatigue of worker
  • Time spent in chute
  • Poor egress and access
  • Additional time in chute equates to Additional risk of injury.

Calyco is taking a leadership position in the area of environmental protection and Occupational Health and Safety. Our Australian Wear Protection Industrial and Mining Equipment Supplies Company are justifiably proud of our record for professional service.

Over the last five years our mining equipment supplies business has been primarily focused on Wear Protection Supplies and Wear Resistant Products. We manufacture and supply through distribution Wear Plate Systems Australia-wide. We also provide our industrial and mining clients with other superior impact, shock, abrasion, corrosion, rolling and wear resistance solutions. Combine this with sourcing and related wear protection services and you're sure to experience complete customer satisfaction!

If you need Wear Plate Systems for your Mining or Industrial Installation we encourage you to consider buying Wear Resistant Products from us!

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