Pressurised Two-Product DM Cyclones

Mining Cyclone Series

coal separation cyclonesPressurised two-product DM cyclones are high efficiency equipment for separation of raw coals in coal preparation industry. The are specially designed to minimise the vortex and abrasion and have features such as high top limit, excellent separation efficiency and great handling capacity.

Medium Flow Analysis

cyclone medium flow analysis

Design of Feed Opening

The special structure of the feed opening with round front and square back section allows instant speed-up of the feed passing through it to meet the requirement on high feed rate.

cyclone feed opening

Fixed ceramic tiles for the feed opening provide extremely good impact resistance.


cyclone feedingInvolute feeding is applied to the cyclones. A great deal of simulation and data analysis shows that involute feed can reduce turbulence generated by abrupt diffusion of the feed at the inlet to allow of smooth and stable flow inside the cyclones for better separation performance.

Small Cone and Underflow

Small cone and underflow, as very easy-to-wear positions, are lined with 18mm silicon carbide ceramics.

Model Feed Size (mm) Feed Pressure (MPa) Solids Handling Capacity (t/h) Medium Circulating Volume (m3/h)
CAL-FZJ1450-20° ≤105 0.10-0.20 500-650 1650-1900
CAL-FZJ1300-20° ≤95 0.10-0.20 450-550 1400-1650
CAL-FZJ1220-20° ≤85 0.10-0.20 450-525 1250-1400
CAL-FZJ1150-20° ≤80 0.08-0.18 350-425 1100-1250
CAL-FZJ1015-20° ≤75 0.08-0.18 300-375 950-1100
CAL-FZJ900-20° ≤70 0.08-0.18 225-300 800-950
CAL-FZJ840-20° ≤65 0.05-0.1 175-250 650-800
CAL-FZJ760-20° ≤50 0.05-0.1 125-200 400-650
CAL-FZJ675-20° ≤40 0.05-0.1 75-150 250-400

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