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rollers-ceramic-aluminaCalyco provides Alumina Ceramic Rollers with excellent abrasion and impact resistance for Mining and Industry applications. If roller wear, impact resistance and abrasion are a problem at your installation you can be sure that our wear and Abrasion Resistant Ceramic Rollers will assist to help reduce downtime and maintenance.

We specialise in providing Wear Protection solutions for abrasion resistance, roller resistance and impact resistance, which will extend the life of your bulk handling equipment and keep your systems operating at maximum levels. Our industrial ceramic rollers are frequently specified as a high performance alternative support roller.

Hi-Performance rollers are manufactured using the highest quality Alumina Ceramic. All rollers manufacture is subject to stringent quality assurance testing using our unique equal static pressure forming technology and our crystal grain growth control technology.

Alumina Ceramic Roller Advantages

  • Anti-corrosion: Chemical, Acid, Alkali will not cause corrosion
  • High Rigidity: Extremely high wear resistance
  • Sealed Bearing: Our unique labyrinth-sealing ring stops lubrication leakage and reduces the risk of failure from premature bearing wear. This allows you to operate confidently under extreme conditions
  • The Oxide film formed on the ceramic surface will not react or stain any substances. Our unique Slot Support Roller will help deliver power while self-cleaning due to low resistance
  • Long service life, from 2 -5 years longer than other support rollers it also reduces belt abrasion. The belt edge never comes loose, which prolongs belt service life
  • The high economic effect for Alumina Ceramic Hi-performance rollers will reduce general costs and maintenance hours
  • Easy to install.



Calyco Hi-Performance Wear Protection Alumina Ceramic Rollers offer superior wear, abrasion and impact resistance. They also have excellent mechanical and anti corrosion properties. Calyco can supply Hi-Performance Alumina Ceramic Rollers in a variety of standard sizes with the flexibility to manufacture to the customers requirements.

Alumina Ceramic Profile

Bulk Density g/cm3 3.66
Bending Strength MPa 400
Hardness HRA 88
Abrasiveness % 0.1

Over the last five years our mining equipment supplies business has been primarily focused on Wear Protection. We manufacture and supply through distribution Abrasion Resistant Ceramic Rollers Australia-wide. We also provide our industrial and mining clients with other superior wear, corrosion and shock resistance solutions including specialised Alumina Ceramic shapes and sizes. Combine this with sourcing and related wear protection services and you're sure to experience complete customer satisfaction!

Calyco is taking a leadership position in the area of environmental protection and Occupational Health and Safety. Our Australian Wear Protection Supplies for Mining Equipment and Industry Company is justifiably proud of our record for professional service and encourages you to consider buying Alumina Ceramic Rollers from us!

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