Calyco Ceramic Tiles for Cyclones

cyclone ceramic tilesOur specialised mining cyclone ceramic tiles provide resistance to abrasion and the protection of material handling cyclone equipment.

Calyco high efficient and wear-resistant cyclone ceramics contain at least 95% alumina and have good wear, acid, alkali and impact resistance. Different wear resistant ceramic tiles are used as linings in varying positions of the cyclone.

cyclone ceramics

Rectangle ceramic tiles of different thickness are applied to the bottom of a cyclone feed opening depending on wear conditions. Both adhesive and mechanical fixing ensures firm and strong connection and high wear resistance of the ceramic tiles.

rectangle cyclone ceramic tiles

Slope-arc ceramic tiles of 5 different shapes and sizes are applied to an overflow and a cone. The combination of these tiles can result in a better cyclone lining result especially for straight seams.

slope-arc cyclone ceramic tiles

Self-locking grooved ceramic tiles are applied to a cyclone feed cylinder and its bottom. They are also fixed with adhesive for stronger connection.

self-locking cyclone ceramic tiles

L-shaped ceramic tiles are applied to the opening end of an cyclone overflow. Both adhesive and mechanical fixing enhances the strength for protecting the side surfaces of the overflow and can prevent the tiles from falling off.

l-shaped cyclone ceramic tiles

Calyco Mining Cyclone Ceramic Tiles - Coal Preparation Cyclone Ceramic Tile suppliers Australia.

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